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Interclass is a language school that specializes in teaching Portuguese to non-native speakers and visitors to Brazil. Our program emphasizes teaching language in the context of culture. The foundation of our program is our own best-selling text book, Fala Brasil. Now in its 13th edition, Fala Brasil is currently used at a number of universities in America (Harvard, Wharton School, Iowa State), as well as elsewhere around the world (Diplomatic Language Centre-London). Interclass also runs the Brazilian Cultural Orientation Program, an aid to foreigners living in Brazil, as well as offering courses in French, Spanish, and English. Interclass clients include Goodyear, Rigesa (MeadWestVaco), Motorola, 3M, Presbyterian Mission (see our Missionary Page for more info), and the British Diplomatic Service.

You can get to know us a little better here on our web site. If you have questions about the school or the program, click on the button "talk with us" to send us an email. Or if you're in Campinas, stop by the school in Cambui and visit with us. We'd love to show you around!

Interclass is a school founded and directed by teachers who understand the importance of student performance in day-to-day life. They are experienced professionals, experts who specialize in the teaching of language, primarily to students foreign to Brazil. That's why they know how to encourage students through:

  • Training
  • Special Classes
  • Cultural field trips
  • Other activities with your family

It's important that students discover and enjoy Brazil!